It's time to go through the attic, the garage, and the boxes at your parents' house. If you saved your old Happy Meal toys, you could be sitting on a goldmine. These toys may have looked like mini versions of McDonald's fare, including a container of fries, a carton of chicken nuggets, and a milk shake, but with the right touch, they transformed into mini robots. The series was popular enough that McDonald's revisited the idea in and Five years before Disney put the brakes on its relationship with McDonald's reportedly due to the health implications of fast food, although both sides denied thisthey teamed up to promote the newly released feature Monsters, Inc.

Produced in the late '70s and early '80s, Diener Keshi figures are some of the earliest examples of Happy Meal toys. There were several series of the little rubber creatures, including sea creatures, dinosaurs, circus characters, and cars.

McDonald's wholeheartedly embraced the Furby craze of the late '90s. From March 22 to April 22,collectors could get 80 different mini-Furbys with their Happy Meals.

Family Fun Time at McDonald's Indoor Playground! Happy meal toy surprise with Ryan's Family Review

While the release of Furby Connect brought a matching Happy Meal promotion along with it, it didn't quite have the same impact as the release.

Long before Toy Story brought Mr. Apparently there's always a market for Snoopy. Even McDonald's got caught up in the Beanie Babies craze that swept the world in the s. The fast food giant's partnership with Ty in was so hot that employees stole boxes of Beanies and phone lines were flooded by customers asking about the latest shipment. What, no Mayor McCheese?

mcdonalds happy meal toys list by year

Like Teenie Beanie Babies, Power Rangers has teamed up with McDonald's several times over the years to promote various projects and movies. If you have a complete set of these Roger Hargreaves Happy Meal characters, your friends might start calling you Mr. Or at least "Mr. Men have been featured in several McDonald's promotions across the world, including plush and plastic versions.

Join us this Friday, April 17, at 7 p. We hope to see you or rather, your username there!What do we think about when we think of McDonald's? The golden arches? Crisp french fries? Perhaps the delectable Big Mac hamburger? Maybe you remember the commercials of the sometimes funny and often creepy Ronald McDonald.

Whatever you remember, the restaurant has been a fast food icon for decades, bringing families American-style food at reasonable prices. Their popularity has grown to the point that countries around the world have adapted the restaurant into their culture, adding their own unique twists and food items that reflect their country.

However, there is one thing that as children represents McDonald's more than anything else on their menu. That one item is the Happy Meal. Ah yes, the Happy Meal. What made these toys special to children was not the food itself, but rather the promise of a fun toy that came with the meal. While usually just a small piece of plastic that reflected whatever pop culture phenomenon was happening at the time, these toys have become a staple of his iconic fast food franchise.

So much so, in fact, that these toys are now worth a small fortune. However you look at it, these toys could make you a lot of money, so join us as we explore 30 McDonalds toys that are worth a fortune now. You will not believe what we have in store for you. Everyone knows Mr. Potato Head. Whether it's the original toys or the star of the hit Disney film Toy Storythe Mr. Potato Head line is an incredibly popular line. What is it about this little toy shaped to look like a spud that drives kids to toy stores?

Is it the way you can change the outfits and look of the potato?The best part about getting a Happy Meal at McDonald's is undoubtedly the free toy included. Any kid -- or adult who used to be a kid -- will attest to this. While these small toys were always quirky and cute, they weren't anything groundbreaking and were often played with for a couple of days before the kid simply forgot about it. Here are the top 10 most expensive McDonald's toys that may still be lurking in your attic!

The robotic creature "Furby" was the hottest toy on the market for a while. While a legitimate Furby wasn't cheap, the tiny Furby trinkets that came in a Happy Meal in the year were a cute little substitute.

They were attached to a clip, so many children opted to use the Furby toy as a key chain and would clip them onto their backpacks and the like. And these mini Furby's don't even talk or move like the real ones!

mcdonalds happy meal toys list by year

The year was a big deal for many reasons, but it also marked the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Peanuts characters that debuted in a comic strip by Charles M. The comic took off, and the Peanuts evolved into an entire franchise with TV movies and merchandise. When the live-action remake of Disney's beloved cartoon Dalmations hit theatres innaturally McDonald's decided to include a toy version of every puppy featured in the movie in their Happy Meals.

However, it'd be pretty daring to attempt to collect all of the figurines. Unfortunately, if you only have one or two of the little guys, you're not likely to make much of a profit. Mario, his brother Luigi, and all of the other characters in the Mario universe are some of the most widely recognized video game characters of all time.

The franchise has also seen longevity -- while they're still huge today, they were even bigger back in the '90s! Remember, it has to be the complete set! At least you'll be able to hit two markets: those who collect the McDonald's toys and those who collect Mario memorabilia!

Fraggle Rock was a huge hit with children back in the day. The show revolved around creatures called "Fraggles" as well as creatures called "Doozers," "Gorgs," and "Silly Creatures. Technically the Jim Henson puppet show aired in the '80s, but the show was still as popular as ever in the '90s due to re-runs. Inspector Gadget was a cartoon where the titular character was a half-man, half-robot detective. The show was so successful that there was even a live-action remake.

When an Inspector Gadget action figure was included in Happy Meals inkids went wild. After all, this wasn't just your regular figurine -- the toy incorporated the robotic parts of him, such as his mechanical arm and spinning hat. Every kid had at least one Power Rangers action figure of their own during the '90s, so when they were offered for free at McDonald's inHappy Meals flew off the shelves.

Each Power Ranger came with its own matching vehicle. Now, we're getting to the rarest of the rare.Dear Readers. The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread disruption to the lives of everyone in Tampa Bay and to so many businesses in our community. Here at the Tampa Bay Times, we continue to provide free, up-to-date information at tampabay.

But we need your help. Please consider supporting us by subscribing or donatingand by sharing our work. Thank you. Do you miss the days of excitedly reaching into your arch-topped Happy Meal box to find out if luck brought your desired toy? Are there some you missed out on or wish you still had?

Well, this might be your lucky weekend.

McDonald's Happy Meal (USA)/List of toys

The Surprise Happy Meal will choose that fate for you. The list of possible toys includes:. We hope these toys are something that they will treasure and remember. The Happy Meal got its start in as the Circus Wagon Happy Meal and quickly became known for its decorative boxes, which sometimes doubled as play sets, and the surprise toys that came inside. Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Subscribe Log in Log out.

Long Reads. Photo Galleries. Connect with us. Dear Readers, The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread disruption to the lives of everyone in Tampa Bay and to so many businesses in our community. Up next: Taco Bell beef recalled for having metal shavings. Daniel Figueroa IV Digital producer.Since McDonald's introduced the Happy Meal init has captivated millions of children's hearts and tummies. What could make a kid smile wider than a fun carton box filled with a cheeseburger, French friesa cookie, a drink, and one of the signature free Happy Meal toys?

Today's Happy Meal toys are a far cry from the ones you might have gotten when you were growing up. While other fast-food chains like Sonic, Chick-fil-A, and Burger King have included toys in their kid's meals, the Happy Meal has a special place in every American child's knickknack collection. Some have even become popular antique collector's items. From Berenstain Bears to Beanie Babies, here's a jog down the golden arches' memory lane of the most popular vintage Happy Meal toys.

Through a modern lens, this Ronald McDonald doll commercial might be the stuff of nightmares. But when this toy was released in the '70s, it was a must-have. This promotion was more than just the Happy Meal toys—even the boxes were rebranded in partnership with Star Trek: The Motion Picture in The Star Trek Happy Meal toys included games, comics, and plastic rings. These plastic bands look like watches, but they're really compartments to hold loose change. You can still shop them on eBay, though their "wallet" functionality is questionable.

Some of the earliest Happy Meal toys included Diener Keshi figures shaped like race cars, animals, and more.

McDonald's celebrates Happy Meal's 40th anniversary by bringing back retro toys

There are plenty of options available on eBay if you're really feeling nostalgic. OK, this isn't technically a toy. But when the Happy Meal was first introduced init came with a bag of mini cookies. Today's Happy Meals don't include a dessert, but you can always add a McFlurry or cookie onto your order. Various iterations of McNugget Buddies have been offered at McDonald's over the years, but they first came around in the '80s. In addition to the commercials about the Happy Meal toysthere were also McNugget Buddies mini-episodes, like this one where the McNuggets were detectives.

InMcDonald's offered Happy Meal toys based on the iconic children's book series. And yes, it really was spelled Berenstain and not Berenstein. The Disney chipmunks got the Happy Meal treatment in But we don't blame you if you think the catchy Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers theme song is more memorable than the plastic toys.

Could these toys be any cuter? The best part was that you could switch the different figurines to ride each others' vehicles, too.As much as we loved milkshakes, hamburgers and crispy chicken nuggets, the best part of eating at McDonald's as a kid was the free toy in our happy meal.

Over the years we collected so many of these great toys. Here are some of the best ones:. These toys were paranormal devices meant to help track down Grimace's missing voice, which is a much deeper story-line than most McDonald's toy sets had. This set included little ball bearings that would pop as you rolled the cars back and forth, at least until your parents took the toy away because it was so annoying. No matter what team you cheered for, everyone loved Michael Jordan in the '90s.

These mini basketballs were surprisingly tough. I know a few people who still have them in good condition. We hope you saved these, they could be worth something today! If you were a little too old for some of these toys, you might enjoy our roundup of vintage McDonald's toys.

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mcdonalds happy meal toys list by year

Carrie Jameson. Drive Thru Toys. Viral Spell. Poison Mushroom. Toy Traders. Fast Food Toy Reviews. Muppet Stuff. Love My Beanies. By Tanya a year ago.These vintage Happy Meal toys bring back a lot of memories!

And as well as a tasty burger and chips, one of the best bits of course was getting a new toy in that exciting Happy Meal box. Over the years the fast food giant has had a huge selection of goodies as part of the meal deal, including books, cuddly toys and gadgets.

But it turns out some of those old treasures are actually now worth a few bob - so it might be time to start looking through those old childhood boxes. Antiques website loveantiques.

The list was put together by LoveAntiques. He said: "There have been thousands of McDonald's happy meal toys over the years and knowing which ones are just a piece of plastic or which are worth something, is always a struggle. The value of the toys will completely depend on the condition, and items in their originally packaging are normally worth a lot more. Will Thomas, managing director at LoveAntiques. By Zoe Forsey Lifestyle Editor. Video Loading Video Unavailable.

mcdonalds happy meal toys list by year

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