I am an RV enthusiast with more than 50 years of experience owning, driving, traveling and living in recreational vehicles. Planning for a vacation in your recreational vehicle is fun, but it is always a good idea to forecast expenses before you actually leave home. This is easy to do and can save you money. This article will tell you how to take a peek into the future so that you will get to see and do more, and pay less for doing so.

It is always a good idea to figure out approximately how much you will have to spend on an RV trip long before you take it. A technique called forecasting helps you to do this. To calculate potential expenses, you need good information as well as the ability to set up a simple spreadsheet on your computer. These tools will help you plan a great trip and will also save you a fair amount of money. The following formulas will provide the answers you need.

If you know how many miles per gallon your travel unit gets and the average price of gasoline or diesel fuel you can use this information to figure out its average cost for your entire vacation. You can then use the following example as a guide for figuring out your approximate expenses for a specific trip:. Although prices vary from one geographical area to the next, this formula will give you a fairly accurate price estimate. It is a good marker for letting you know whether the trip you are planning is one your budget can handle.

To figure camping fees, plan your trip using online route planners and camping guides like the one published by Good Sam Club. This guide is the least expensive and best on the market, and it will help you a great deal when it comes to figuring out camping costs.

My husband and I have used for many years, and have found it to be invaluable on many levels. What I like most is that it provides direct contact information so that we can call a park, find out their current fees and ask questions about the local area. We never travel without it. Since some facilities charge considerably more than others, the location of the parks you choose, even within a given geographical area, can be very important. There are many roads to choose from that will take you to your desired destinations, so knowing camping costs ahead of time will help you to choose the ones that are money savers.

They saved enough to pay for an extra night of camping and more! Unlike other means of travel, vacationing by RV, if done correctly, can cost the same amount of money or even less for a long trip as it does for a short one because gasoline is your biggest expense.As a matter of fact and RV or motorhome can be quite the opposite in therms of fuel usage. This fuel use calculator can provide you with some interesting data. It will calculate the fuel cost for your motorhome by the mile.

Now you can see what that trip to the campground or your cross-country vacation is really costing you.

Trip Calculator – Road trip gas expenses and tolls on Google maps for USA, Canada & México

If you'd like to calculate fuel use in any other vehicle you can use our standard gas calculator for cars and trucks. We also have a calculator for total gas or diesel used for any vehicle for the entire time you've owned it. Enter your data and see how much of your hard-earned money actually goes into your fuel tank. Welcome to Walegamart.

RV Affordability Calculator

We have taken the time to explore the facts, the myths, and the mystery surrounding fuel prices and the cost to commute from point A to point B. This website contains a wealth of information designed to give the traveling consumer the tools they need to use gasoline wisely and cost effectively. The rapid evolution of electric vehicles is just beginning to have an impact on how we commute. We explore the basics of electric vehicles and motorized bicycles as a means of cost effective commuting.See tolls on the Google map for your route.

Tolls missing? Tolls wrong? Use TollGuru all-in-one route decision and navigation engine to plan, route, navigate and stay compliant. Everything Costs Total cost of your trip with breakdown for tolls, diesel, driver payments and Other Costs that include truck leasing or purchase payments, permits, repair and maintenance, and insurance premiums. Load board Rate Check You can Rate Check price listed in a load board against the Total Cost shown by TollGuru to know whether it is worth your while to haul a load Everything Tolls Know everything about the tolls on your route including toll plaza locations, toll cost for each toll plaza based on toll pass tag, cash or license plateaccepted toll passes for each toll plaza and toll rates for future trips.

Everything Routes TollGuru offers the cheapest, the fastest and other compromise routes to choose from based on trade off between total trip cost and travel time. You will see your optimal routes based on what you are willing to pay to save time VOT. If your VOT is too high, you will pick the fastest route. How to Use Toll Calculator? Enter 'Start' and 'End' addresses Enter the origin and destination of your trip. Start typing address, business or place name and select from the autocomplete suggestion list.

Type less by setting your home and work addresses. Returning users have option to select from previously saved addresses pick a location on the map Long press on the map.

Auto: select from 2-axle cars, SUV, Carpool, Pickup with four tires, 6-tires, and 1-axle trailer attached Truck: select from 2-axle trucks to 9-axle trucks. Enter height and loaded weight of your truck Bus: Choose between 2-axles or 3-axles.

Enter height and loaded weight of the bus RV, or motorhome: Select whether you have a 1-axle trailer. Enter height and loaded weight Motorcycle: Select whether you have 1-axle trailer. Do not see your vehicle in the dropdown list, let us know here. Update highway and city MPG, if needed. Press Kit. TollGuru LLC. Terms of Use Icons8. Their use does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement.

Toll rates are for planning purposes and maybe inaccurate. While toll calculations are available for a variety of vehicles, including commercial vehicles, routing for vehicles other than 2-axle cars and motorcycles should be verified by independent means. In no way should routing be considered safe or legal on its own.Reservations are strongly recommended. Many people long for the freedom, the spontaneity, and the easy lifestyle RVers enjoy. But, most non-RVers insist, they could never afford an RV vacation.

With luxury motorhomes costing six figures and gas prices soaring, how could RVing be affordable for the average family? Custom rigs, especially new, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. A foot motorhome can easily sleep four-to-six and smaller motorhomes, fifth-wheels, and trailers are quite affordable, especially if you buy a used unit. An alternative to buying a motorhome, fifth-wheel, or trailer is renting one.

rv gas cost calculator canada

They come fully equipped with kitchen utensils, plates, glasses, cups, cooking pots, towels and bedding. There are no costs for maintenance, insurance, or registration. Just bring your clothing and away you go. The Truth: The cost of a room in a motel, hotel, or resort has risen sharply in recent years. According to the Hotel Price Index from Hotels. If you have a large family and need more than one room, costs add up fast.

rv gas cost calculator canada

There are also ways to cut the costs of an RV site. Or join membership camping networks to save on campground fees, such as Holiday Trails Resorts. The Reality: RVs offer flexibility and freedom to go almost anywhere.

In fact, traveling in a RV can make your vacation more flexible and spontaneous and even safer. For instance, say you decide at the last minute you want to explore or stay longer at a destination you can! Remember that motorhomes come equipped with refrigerators, heaters, bathrooms, lights, fresh water, and comfy beds. Once when our motorhome broke down outside a national park in Montana, we were towed to the repair shop after hours and simply stayed in the parking lot, snug and comfortable until morning when the mechanics quickly got us back on the road.

Eating in your motorhome instead of dining in restaurants all the time can be a major money saver.

How to Estimate the Cost of Your Next RV Trip

According to calculations by Numbeo. For a great deal less, you can buy a lot of groceries that you can make into easy and delicious meals in your RV. All Rights Reserved.Fuel consumption can vary significantly from one RV model to another. The consumption of each model is indicated on its technical specifications sheet on Authentik Canada's RV rental search engine.

On average, an RV consumes between 12 and 30 litres per kilometres. Naturally, the larger the vehicle, the higher the fuel consumption.

How to Spot a Lemon when Buying an RV

Note : The fuel consumption indicated in the technical specifications sheets is that of the manufacturer and represents the lowest consumption calculated under ideal conditions highway driving at optimum speed, no wind, etc. Always add 3 to 5 litres per kilometres when calculating your fuel budget to compensate for actual non-ideal driving conditions.

While it is true that a diesel vehicle will cost less in gas, the rental price is always higher. You will not really save money, but you will produce less pollution.

rv gas cost calculator canada

What is included with the bedding and kitchen equipment? Electricity, water and dumping waste: hook ups and autonomy. The Canadian Highway Code. What is the minimum age for renting an RV? Suggestions for RV holidays in Canada. What is the fuel consumption of an RV?

TOP 5 Canadian road trips Western conquest. See the itinerary. RV with the family. The West by RV. The Rockies by train. West with the family.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Travel Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for road warriors and seasoned travelers.

It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm thinking of taking an RV across Canada. However, having never used one before, I'm struggling to figure out how much fuel it might use. I'm hoping there's a calculator for a Compact or Standard RV from Cruise Canada in terms of fuel consumption, that I can then use to work out the potential cost, roughly.

Does anyone know of such a method, website or have experience in fuel consumption with these vehicles? The website Cost2Drive is a fuel calculator that works in Canada or the U.

Here's an example drive from Toronto to Tobermory, ON - It's surprisingly difficult to get the default routing to stay in Canada! One of the things I love is a comparison of the cost to fly. The list of RVs is fairly scarce, however, so my Toyota Coachman isn't listed. As such, I need to click on the "Can't find your car" and enter its pathetic, if typical mileage - namely 10mpg. In general a Class C RV can expect 10 - 12 mpg. Class A's the big buses are in the 8 - 10 mpg range.

Fifth Wheels are completely dependent on the truck, but if you're getting 15mpg, praise the Lord! Ditto for Class B vans. Be aware that older RV's in particular don't take kindly to the mountains, so Banff will suck down the gas more than Manitoba. Finally, remember that gas in Canada is pretty expensive. As a Kiwi, I know you are used to buying gas in liters which Canada doesbut for us 'Muricans, remember that you have to multiply by roughly 4.

You know you're going to be in trouble when buying gas by the quart. It would beperfect if we could add towing weight. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Fuel Cost Calculator

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.I am an RV enthusiast with more than 50 years of experience owning, driving, traveling and living in recreational vehicles.

If you are planning on buying a recreational vehicle, it is important for you to understand that the true cost of ownership goes far beyond what you pay when you purchase one. It is difficult to discuss the financial aspects of coach ownership in just one article because there are endless combinations of issues involved in it.

However, the more you know, the more likely you will be to choose a motor home or camper that fits your budget. Thus what one person pays to own an RV can differ significantly from what somebody else pays. This article will give you some guidelines that will help you to make a good financial choice when it comes time for you to buy a camper, trailer or motorhome. When you start shopping for RVs, the cost of buying one is usually uppermost in your mind.

However, price is just one piece of the buying puzzle. Below is detailed information about purchase price, financing methods, sales tax and insurance that you need to consider before making your purchase.

So you see, you can buy an RV for just about any price you like. These same RVs purchased new can cost considerably more. How you go about paying for your coach can make a great deal of difference in what you end up paying.

rv gas cost calculator canada

Since most people are unable to buy with cash, they must finance their purchases and pay extra for doing so. So, what you end up paying in the long run boils down to your choices, which will be based on what you can afford and how much you wish to pay.

Some states charge nothing for sales tax, while others add hundreds to thousands of dollars to your purchase price. Since a recreational vehicle is not considered a dwelling for insurance purposes, people who live or travel in them do not need homeowners or flood insurance.

However, since an RV is a vehicle, owners do need to purchase automobile insurance. Prices are reasonable because most people only use RVs for short periods of time. Therefore it is less likely that they will have accidents. As with automobiles, a bad driving record or poor financial history will increase insurance costs. You can easily check property tax costs by searching the property appraiser's website in your area or by contacting a local real estate agent.

The highest average state property tax rate in the nation is in New Hampshire at 1. You can use this chart from tax-rates. Just remember that these figures are averages; the actual rate can vary from county to county and can be much higher. When buying a coach, you should remember that you likely will need to have a vehicle that can tow your unit or be towed by it.

If this is your situation, you will need to find out whether the vehicle you currently own will work. This, of course, will cost thousands of dollars. There are several types available. They can cost anywhere from around six hundred dollars for a dolly up to thousands for an enclosed trailer. You can generally plan on spending hundreds of dollars yearly for maintenance, repairs and upkeep but much more if you run into serious problems.