We strive to enlighten the darkness by diving deep in the unknown. We go in unprepared, not knowing what we are going to embrace only because our torch of curiosity leads us ahead. Lately, many people started showing how we can awaken and find our true purpose in life. They talk about the third eye as a way of opening your eyes and finding who you really are and what you are here for.

Relax deeply, gain balance, and flourish! However, this experience is connected with a lot of ambiguity. The dark side of this experience can slip you in a chain of unfortunate events if you are not completely aware of the risks. Opening your third eye comes with a price. We all agree that something fascinates us about this whole third eye opening. Opening your third eye, you begin to see things, you begin to experience things, and you begin to feel things around you.

There are entities around you but when you have awakened your third eye you have a connection and can see them. These are entities in the fourth dimension that we cannot see presently in the third dimension. But once the pineal gland is awakened your consciousness surpasses the barriers of the physical realm and goes beyond it. What you see are the many and different aspects of yourself.

Some of them will look positive and happy while others might look scary and can frighten you but know that what you see are aspects and emotions of yourself that you have neglected and buried deep in yourself.

These entities are always with us wherever we go, wherever we are. We cannot see them, but we can feel them. And opening your third eye is a chance to hear that lost part of your personality that has long waited for your attention.

Are you having day-to-day itches not knowing what it could be? These are the things we neglect and leave behind thinking they will go by without our intervention. Solving those issues you have will help you raise your vibration and enrich your life with better experiences.

Thus, your intuition develops and you are able to pick up what is true and what is false. On my path, I learned that ignorance makes us suffer because it is a lack of awareness. When one is not ready to face the unknown there will be personal consequences.

There are many books that go deep in the topic and can help you distract the fog. I opened my 3rd eye about 15 years ago. One day I went deep down into an unknown place where no person with a third eye has ever gone to. There I met an entity who is the embodiment of nothing and it fused with my very being. From what I felt, it had been waiting for me to ascend to a higher state of mind and now it continues to show me images of what we call an existence slowly being erased.If you are outside the countries listed aboveplease call Open your third eye to see more of the world.

Opening your third eye can lead to amazing experiences. The awakening can teach you about this world as well as the spirit world, but many people fear that opening the third eye will leave them vulnerable to evil and bad experiences.

Learning about the human third eye and how to deal with the experience will help you avoid negativity. One of the most powerful centers of energy in humans, you'll find the third eye in the middle of your forehead.

Once it's awakened, it acts like a gate into a place that lets you see beyond time and space. Scientifically, the third eye is at the pineal gland, a gland in your brain that many believe is important in sparking psychic abilities. Many also consider the third eye as the most powerful place of ethereal energy. The third eye also known in Sanskrit as the Ajna chakra is one of the energy centers of the human chakra system. Some believe it is the psychic center, while others believe it is the center that interprets the energetic messages gathered in our second psychic center located in the solar plexus.

The third eye helps us understand and make sense of what we experience intuitively through out gut. You know that feeling you get in your stomach when something does not feel right?


Well our third eye allows us to make sense of the information we gather through our senses and in many cases our gut. When you experience a third eye awakening you raise your frequency to move to a higher consciousness. Many spiritual experiences, such as visualization, meditation, Reiki, and yoga will lead to your third eye opening. This lets you see beyond physical sight. At this point, you'll notice an increase in messages through dreams as well as psychic talents. At the start, you'll probably only use your third eye when you close your physical eyes.

When you go on with practice, however, you'll learn to focus attention and receive messages by opening your third eye with your eyes open. Overactive or underdeveloped energy centers create imbalances, which can cause havoc in the entire chakra system if not balanced properly. To help you understand some of the side effects of opening your third eye here is a brief list:. Like any activity you undertake, opening your third eye comes with certain risks.

The danger of opening your third eye generally is falling into delusion. Once your third eye is open, it's a natural sense that your mind will use. You must then make the choice to train yourself with awareness to balance what you see. The idea of opening the third eye is appealing on many levels, because of the various benefits.If you had to answer the question, "How many eyes do you have?

We actually have three eyes, with the third eye being perhaps the most powerful source of knowledge we possess.

7 Benefits of Opening Your Third Eye With Meditation

What is the third eye? Though invisible, our third eye chakra is as present and available to us as our other two eyes. And here's a secret you should know: It's a potent source of intuitive wisdom that when amplified with meditation, gives us insight, forewarning and the highest possible level of intelligence into the past, future, and most importantly, the present.

Here is a short guide to understand how to benefit from your open and activated third eye, and how and why meditation is the best tool to make this happen:. Mostly known as the third eye chakra, this vital, pineal gland located higher energy field is where we are able to tap into that which we cannot see, taste, physically feel, hear, or smell.

This powerful "sixth sense" ability transcends our five most basic human senses, usually making itself known to us via gut feelings. It can be said that your third eye knows the unknown, sees the unseen. With the growing acceptance of the unified field theory that we are all quantumly connected to one anothera growing number of scientists believe third eye intuition to be a valid, verifiable phenomenon.

Have you ever gotten a feeling that someone you love was in danger, and moments later, got a call to justify your feelings? Have you ever felt the strong urge to look behind you, and when you turned around, your best friend from high school was shopping in the same supermarket aisle? Do you ever think of someone seconds before they send you an email or text?

The proverbial saying, "all you need to know is already contained within," is quite true and even especially! And you can harness and develop this ability beyond levels you ever thought possible. Many highly successful people owe, whether knowingly or unknowingly, their fame and fortunes to developing and trusting the data received from their activated third eye making it no coincidence that such a great majority of successful people practice meditation.

Regardless of your gender or religious or nonreligious belief system, all of us possess a unique and potentially powerful third eye. The problem ismany of modern man's third eyes' are unactivated, "calcified", closed, dormant, and unawakened. The good news? Meditation is the world's most potent and effective third eye opening, awakening, and decalcification tool. You don't need a crystal ball. Toss out your tarot cards. Forget about depending on an expensive psychic to give you the answers that you seek.

All you need to know is already contained within — accessible via your third eye.We actually have three eyes and in the third eye we probably have the most powerful source of knowledge. Do you know how we can open our third eye? What are the benefits and what are the third eye meditation dangers are?

If NO… then do not worry as we have today come with the brief details about the third eye meditation. Third eye is one of the most prevailing centers of vitality in human beings.

The third eye is situated at the middle of the forehead etween two eyes. Once gets awakened, it turns out to be the gate or a place that lets us see beyond space and time. However, scientifically, the third eye is situated at our pineal gland; this gland is situated in our brain, which is believed to be very significant in flashing mental abilities. Although many people also consider this third eye to be the most prevailing place of our ethereal energy.

The way we look through open eyes is same in the case of the third eye. The energy that is needed to see the third eye gets from eyes closed. That is, when our eyes are closed, then we can start the process of seeing through the third eye. Some basic things related to the third eye that will make you more clear about it and will also help you to escape the third eye meditation dangers.

Position: Between the both of the eyebrow in front of the forehead. Elements: The nature of the pathways i. Here is a brief guide to understanding how to take advantage of your open and active third eye, and how to do this is the best way possible to avoid the third eye meditation dangers.

We can read different information related to it at different places. Sixth sense is a bit difficult to understand because it develops according to the capacity of every human being, which can later be extended by practice.

In meditation, control of respiration refers to the simplest method of awakening the third eye, which we fulfill in several steps. All the steps of this meditation are also complete it and provide different experiences. In the second step, close your eyes and focus your attention between the middle of the eyebrow means between your eyes i. But you have to keep your focus on a bright spot rather than that tunnel.

Maybe your attention starts to wander, and you start seeing things apart from the point In such a way, you can ignore them by not paying attention to them. At the beginning, pressures on this area can help you stay concentrated Like in Trataka we do with open eyes.

This will help to increase your thoughts that come to your mind and you will be able to get as much focus as needed.

How To Avoid Third Eye Meditation Danger Get Full Benefits

When you reach the state of zero then you become free from physical bondage and start catching the waves that is surround you. In the three stages of the third eye awakening, we should note that our mental state is in a state of balance.I want to start 3rd eye awakening Meditation to make my mind sharper and improve my memory and intuition.

I'm just wondering if there are any negative aspects to this kind of meditation people say once you open your 3rd eye or activate the pineal gland all sorts of things happen like you can start seeing strange things like people's auras, personally, I'm not too interested in the psychic part of this meditation but all I want is to improve my mind so I learn faster in school and such.

I've seen kundalini meditation and how it is very dangerous if done incorrectly. I just want to know the pros and cons of pineal gland activation. I also want to know if I'll attract any negative energy towards myself I know it might sound ridiculous but I'm also afraid if I'll be indulging in any satanic ritual as I'm afraid to go to hell someday.

My mother says she's not supportive in me with this kind of meditation but she also says there's nothing wrong with it in the Lord's eyes. So she's ok with it. Yes, 3rd eye awakening is spiritually very dangerous. It is essentially the same as raising the kundalini serpent and pathworking. When you meditate and do chakra work you are putting your consciousness in a trance, a sort of sleep state in which it is not in full control of your body. The origin of chakras is they were doorways you open for Hindu deities aka demons to enter.

When a channeller or medium allows spirits to posses him he does this through meditation. Stay away from this! There is no meditating on God, as the Bible teaches we are to pray to God. Prayer is nothing like meditation, during prayer our consciousness stays fully awake and we are in full control of our body. If you want to enhance your memory and brain power there's herbs and "smart drugs" like ginkgo biloba and Nootropil which can do that naturally.

Mediation won't help with that. Wow for strange and random answers the internet doesn't disappoint, does it? I'll try to give you my opinion in a simple, straightforward way, but you are asking about some very complex stuff.

You seem to be aware of the fact that you can get into some very deep water very quickly, and i think your caution is wise. The system is awakened through a process initiated by someone whose system is fully awakened and it's been likened to one candle lighting another. And you're right, if not done correctly it can be devastating.

third eye meditation danger

To a yogi, the increased acuity of memory and intuition are side effects, if you will, of a much larger transformation. To use an analogy, if you just want some bananas, you can buy some at the store or farmer's market. Using 3rd eye meditation to improve mental function seems like trying to grow your own bananas without having the right climate, soil, seeds, etc. There are some great herbal supplements that can optimize mental sharpness and concentration, like Choline and gotu-kola.

There are also exercises that you can do, and some websites even provide "games" that improve learning and retention. These types of things seem much safer and more effective for the kinds of results you seem to be seeking.

Take care, and good luck! Hey thanks so much.A metaphysical opening which refers to the sixth chakra, the brow area of the forehead. With this in mind, that leads to a higher consciousness. A new age symbol of enlightenment.

The third eye is known as the psychic eye. Supposedly, it gives you the ability to see what might be, to see potential. This psychic ability connected to the occult. The answer is no! After a person opens their third eye, things often get bizarre and horrific. Why, you are getting demons that can torment you.

Many people feel intense pressure, tingling or itching in the center of their forehead when first opening third eye.

third eye meditation danger

The most common way to open your third eye is through altered state of meditation where you empty your mind, do mantras, chants, etc. As you can see, these practices are all from other religions and some are part of religious practices. I, the Lord, am your God. Acting as a medium or psychic was punishable by death in the Old Testament Leviticus Third eye and the Pineal Gland that is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain.

This gland produces serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland. According to the occult and new age people, they say the third eye is the most powerful energy centers in the center of the forehead.

The pineal glands is the gateway that leads within the inner realms of space of higher consciousness, including seeing energy, seeing beings — spirit guides or demonic spirits. What is happening is you are opening yourself up to the second heaven. As some have explained, opened door to the demonic world into their bodies. Accordingly, the demons now have the right to use your body as a conduit into the occult world.

The occult world wants to be able to see beyond the physical world into the spiritual world. The purpose is as follows:.Are there any dangers related to opening and activating the third eye chakra? Well, that is a question I get a lot. Many people are interested in the third eye and spiritual development, but are a bit afraid of the unknown.

That is what makes it such a fascinating, yet also terrifying subject. Opening the third eye is like opening a door to the unknown. The third eye chakra is our doorway to the universe and the spiritual realm, and our direct portal to our higher self and intuition. Being connected to our intuition helps to guide us through life, allowing us to receive non-physical impressions and messages. We sense the physical world with our five senses, but we need our sixth sense to sense the spiritual world.

This will help us feel more complete as a person, and like we belong to something greater than just this reality we live in. People experience third eye activation and awakening differently. Some have very intense experiences, while others barely feel anything. Some people have visions and nightmares, while others only get a minor reaction.

And some people wish they had never messed with the third eye, while others enjoy the journey. Also be sure to have a positive mindset so that you attract positive energies. This audio course will take you through the preparation phase, the opening phase, and the activation phase, one step at the time.

So if you want to open your third eye, you will most likely find this helpful, as I have tried to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Buy now. Thanks for all you do.

Your voice is like an angel. What is the purpose of opening the third eye? I had started the process some time back an woke one morning to my entire room covered in numbers what do u believe this to mean? Please kindly reply to me as soon as possible.

third eye meditation danger

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